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U.S. Southern Plains HRW Wheat Weather Wednesday 10/31/2018 05:42:00 AM CST Tweet

10-31 09:04: U.S. Southern Plains HRW Wheat Weather - Oct 31

Northern plains highlights... 
     Light rain observed. Temperatures above to much above normal. 
Northern Plains Forecast 
    Mostly dry weather Tuesday-Wednesday. Some light precipitation Thursday. 
Mostly dry weather Friday. Light precipitation on Saturday. Mostly dry weather 
Sunday. Some light precipitation favoring western areas Monday. Temperatures 
near to above normal Tuesday, variable Wednesday, near to below normal 
Thursday, variable Friday-Monday. 
6-10 Day Outlook: Temperatures variable. Precipitation below normal. 
Central/southern plains wheat and livestock highlights... 
    Dry conditions. Temperatures much above normal. 
Central/southern plains wheat and livestock forecast 
    Mostly dry weather Tuesday. Scattered light rain Wednesday. Dry weather 
Thursday-Friday. Dry conditions or just a little light rain Saturday. Dry 
weather Sunday. Dry conditions or just some light rain over eastern areas 
Monday. Temperatures variable Tuesday, near to below normal Wednesday, variable 
Thursday, near to below normal Friday, near to above normal Saturday, near to 
below normal Sunday-Monday. 
6-10 Day Outlook: Temperatures variable. Precipitation below normal. 
    Favorable soil moisture for developing winter wheat in the southern plains. 
Dry weather at this time favors the remaining planting. 
    Episodes of cold weather and wet/snowy conditions delayed harvest effort 
for spring wheat across the Canadian Prairies. However, drier weather more 
recently allowed many areas to advance towards completion...although some 
spring wheat remains to be harvested. 
    Mostly favorable weather for establishment of winter wheat in Ukraine, west 
and south Russia at this time. The region had mostly dry weather and above to 
well above normal temperatures during October 14 to 20. Rain developed across 
most of the area during the past week. Improving conditions for development. 
    Recent showers and a variable temperature pattern will favor filling winter 
wheat in western and southeast Australia. These areas are turning drier again. 
Drought has impacted winter wheat prospects in northern New South Wales and 
southern Queensland during this season. Rain in these areas has recently lead 
to delays in the harvest of wheat. 
   Increasing rain activity and cooler temperatures will help improve 
conditions for winter wheat in Europe. However, some areas are still in need of 
rain to recharge soil moisture. 
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  October 31, 2018 03:05 ET (07:05 GMT)

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