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Time for resolitions and go on Sunday 1/06/2019 01:53:00 PM CST Tweet

Here we go again. It's been a little bit after the end of the previous year and it's a few days after the start of the new one. It's the time when people go back reflecting the year passed and are posting their wishes and goals for the new year. So here we go...
It's been a hard year. Honestly, it is so. That hard that even I don't want to go back and describe. I am a person that prefers to live in the future rather than in the past and that is why I will not go on reflecting back the year that passed.
Many of the wise men say that there is no such thing as past or future. There is only now. It's a good way of thinking and often I try to stick with that, it's hard though.
So again here we go. Currently, I have a small futures trading account which thankfully, I guess, I didn't manage to wipe out. Call it bad luck or bad timing but the time I opened it, overlapped with the most turbulent and volatile times in recent markets' history. For the last two years I've been following grains markets and developing and elaborating trading strategies there. But in the last months prior opening my account there I went back to indices trading especially to es-mini's. And that's how I got myself in the middle of the storm. It's been too volatile and too violent to my trading style and approach. The saddest thing is that I already had made this mistake before without taking the relevant notes or lessons.
But here I see that I've started talking about the past again while I should concentrate on what's happening now.  So as of now I can only say that I'm a futures trader, grain futures trader and I'm not going back to indices. Grains is the market that appeals the best to me and comforts me the best. Although some would say that it's a slow-paced  market, it is rather more predictable, showing clearer patterns during intraday sessions.
So now I stick with that and won't give up for any reason although it could be hard. I don't want to look back or I don't want to try to imagine what's ahead. I stay here and now.

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