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hedge project - updates
A loss day Tuesday 2/27/2024 10:22:00 PM GMT+03:00

It's been a losing day, right on direction but got stopped out on a tighter stop; following with emotional revenge trades that reduced loses but not good at all for discipline and meeting trading plan.

No trading day Monday 2/26/2024 11:21:00 PM GMT+03:00

It's been no trading day for me; but after going through todays' dow emini micro futures chart, there would be a good entry here as per my standards: 

All easy when looking from side lines. In real time trading environment, it is way too harder.

Looking forward to tomorrow's trading day. 

I don't like after hours trading; prefer the pit hours. 

Futures markets open 2/26/2024 01:31:00 AM GMT+03:00

The futures markets have just opened and I've already logged onto my account as to compare Tradovate web to NinjaTrader Desktop platforms. I've been trading to futures using Tradovate platform for a couple of years now and been quite satisfied with the simplicity and user friendly interface it has. 

Tradovate Web Platform
Tradovate Web Platform


As for NT I tried it as a demo on several occasions before but never used in live trading environment.  Indeed it has better charting options, charts look quite rather more sophisticated to Tradovate ones; Yet I can't find how to trade from the chart on NT while this is the main option I like in Tradovate. 

NinjaTrader Desktop Platform
NinjaTrader Desktop Platform

Textual beauty, textual network Sunday 2/25/2024 01:11:00 AM GMT+03:00

As a person graduated in applied linguistics, I always have been interest in content and textual side of things. The interesting thing here is that human brain evolved in a way that we understand, describe and think about the world around us in text, using language, words, connected by syntax and rules. The same structures to communicate and nowadays even think are used by computers. The truth is that current most sophisticated AI use language as to understand the world. Even images and videos are described, split into word snippets and described by language. 

The language is beautiful, having content and form. Both are beautiful in their own way. For example the content of a word is its meaning; it might have tens or hundreds of meanings while having one form -- it is the way it is written or the sequence of letters. Letters visually all different and, forming a word that once read, instantly signalling a meaning. 

I grew up in the 80s in the libraries and forming in the 90s in the internet rooms. So my generation learned to receive information from text as well as to express and transmit information by text. I liked and enjoyed to communicate in IRC rooms, later emails and writing emails was the cool thing on the block. But at some point the internet changed or better to say evolved to web 2.0 and text started loosing traction to visual and instant communication. In the very beginning of web 2.0, Twitter was one of the last textual instances that held its positions but sadly no more..

I liked and still do like the physical feeling of writing words using a keyboard. Thus, for me, the ultimate communication machine can be a laptop or a blackberry phone. I never managed to learn to use a touch screen device -- call me an old-fashioned prick. Written words have some kind of mystical power as well as visual satisfying beauty. Take for a great example the Bible which is a written word, written text. You have thousands or fonts and forms of written word that once read brings information, feelings, dreams and understanding. 

So going on this note, I've been thinking and imagining a social network that is built around only written text; having no other destruction or noise such as images, video or sound, but being only text, descriptive, imaginative, inspiring, written..Imagine how cool it could be, instead of sharing a picture of your amazing holiday, meal or cat, to describe it with words, tell a story, rich and imaginative as it could be, make other people read about it and tell and retell to other people from mouth to moth.

Connecting My Tradovate Account on NinjaTrader Desktop Saturday 2/24/2024 10:29:00 PM GMT+03:00

So as it appears now since Tradovate is a subsidiary of NinjaTrader, it allows downloding NT desktop application and logging on to it. My first acquaintance with #ninjatrader was some 4 years ago. I found it a quite enticing and good platform to trade but went with Ironbeam and spent a couple of years there. After that I went with Tradovate as a cheap alternative and very easy-to-use and intuitive; then NT bought Tradovate and now I am finding that I can log onto NinjaTrader desktop platform with my Tradovate account login details.

I didn't have live trades yet on NT as found it on Friday after hours. Currently, setting up all my preferences and strategies on NinjaTrader and will go on with first trades on Monday.

It feels good to be back.

Ninja trader - same trade 2/24/2024 12:08:00 AM GMT+03:00

And this is how the same trade looks like in NinjaTrader. During the last couple of years I got used to Tradovate web platform. Now I just have found that NJ is available with Tradovae login details. I only used NJ in demo environment though. Now I'm going to test the platform with my real account through the upcoming week. 

Little scalp Friday 2/23/2024 10:59:00 PM GMT+03:00
Today there's been a non-trading day for me as out of my desk. I had a little scalp in imbalanced territory which wasn't a runner at all..

So it's Friday and markets closed. 

Looking forward to the next trading week.

Last trades for 21st Feb Wednesday 2/21/2024 11:38:00 PM GMT+03:00

 A couple of scalps before the close and closing statement below.

Overall it's been quite choppy day with no clear entries and no winners to ride.


MYM_F dow futures day trading 2/21/2024 05:32:00 PM GMT+03:00

Two trades during the first hour of pit/cash trading of dow micro e-mini futures.

The first one got stopped out due to tight stop although overall correct direction long.

The second one was a winner on a breakout into imbalance territory.

 Trading day continues.


Day trading MYM futures - micro emini dow Monday 1/29/2024 05:35:00 PM GMT+03:00

 Got stopped out https://t.me/hedgeproject_com/30 

$ym_f $mym_f

Day trading Dow Wednesday 1/10/2024 10:21:00 AM GMT+03:00

Currently, I'm testing a new day trading strategy trading Micro E-mini Dow Futures. Placing orders on breakouts. Will revert with details and results further on.   https://t.me/hedgeproject_com/29  

Balance Friday 9/29/2023 09:17:00 PM GMT+03:00
Finances are all about balances -- ‎there is always a buyer for a seller and as seller for a buyer; but there is also a buyer against other buyer and a seller against another seller. In perfect all conditions it could work and should work but... 

Bar charts vs candlestick Tuesday 8/15/2023 01:08:00 AM GMT+03:00

Both bar charts and candlestick charts are commonly used tools in technical analysis to visually represent price movements in financial markets. They both display the same type of information (open, high, low, and close prices) but do so in slightly different ways. The choice between bar charts and candlestick charts often comes down to personal preference and the type of information a trader wants to emphasize.

In a bar chart, each price interval (such as a day or an hour) is represented by a vertical line and two horizontal ticks. The top tick represents the highest price during that interval, the bottom tick represents the lowest price, and the vertical line connects the opening price on the left and the closing price on the right.

Candlestick charts also display the same open, high, low, and close prices, but they do so in a more visually distinct way. Each interval is represented by a rectangular "candlestick." The top and bottom of the candlestick represent the high and low prices, and the body of the candlestick (the rectangle) represents the difference between the opening and closing prices. If the closing price is higher than the opening price, the body is typically filled or colored. If the opening price is higher than the closing price, the body is usually left blank or colored differently.

Bar charts are often preferred by commodity or grain futures traders for a few reasons:

Bar charts can be less visually cluttered, making it easier for traders to focus on the key price points (open, high, low, and close) without the additional visual elements that candlestick charts introduce. 

Bar charts provide a clear representation of price ranges between the open, high, low, and close, making it straightforward for traders to compare price movements across different time intervals.
Bar charts have been used in commodity and grain markets for a long time, contributing to their continued popularity and familiarity among traders in these markets.

I feel that the simplicity of bar charts help avoid potential biases introduced by the visual patterns and formations that can be associated with candlestick charts and, that's why, I prefer bars before candles.

old wheat futures chart, showing the simplicity of it


Revmped look Monday 8/14/2023 11:47:00 PM GMT+03:00

I've just revamped my blogger design with some friendlier night colours as well as making it look like a vintage computer monitor. 

Trading goes on. 

Grain futures pre open Thursday 6/15/2023 04:53:00 PM GMT+03:00

Wheat: Wheat futures opened higher on Tuesday, with Chicago Board of Trade July futures up 10 cents at $10.73 a bushel. The market is supported by concerns about tight global supplies, as the war in Ukraine has disrupted exports from one of the world's largest wheat producers.

Corn: Corn futures also opened higher on Tuesday, with CBOT July futures up 4 cents at $7.70 a bushel. The market is supported by concerns about dry weather in the U.S. Midwest, which could hurt yields.

Soybeans: Soybean futures opened lower on Tuesday, with CBOT July futures down 1 cent at $16.72 a bushel. The market is pressured by concerns about demand, as China has been buying less soybeans in recent months.

Overall, the grain futures market is mixed on Tuesday, with wheat and corn supported by concerns about tight supplies, while soybeans are pressured by concerns about demand.

Here are some additional factors that could impact the grain futures market in the near term:

Weather: Dry weather in the U.S. Midwest could hurt corn and soybean yields.

War in Ukraine: The war in Ukraine could continue to disrupt global grain exports.

Demand: China's demand for soybeans could continue to be weak.

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