Trading tips by Josh DiPietro 2015/02/14 2:55 PM GMT Reply Tweet

Here I am posting some suggestions as how to speed up your trading learning and acquiring the needed skills by Josh DiPietro (the aouthor of The Truth About Day Trading Stocks: A Cautionary Tale About Hard Challenges and What It Takes To Succeed):

- Be active. Stay with it—full time.
- Budget, borrow, or plan what you have to in order to be able to take some time off to focus only on day trading.
- Get involved in a mentorship program with someone you can watch.
- Get your New York Stock Exchange Series 7 (General Securities) licenseand go to work for a salary-based position at a brokerage firm like Merrill Lynch (optional).
- During your free time, inundate yourself with market information, especially day-trading tactics and strategies.

DAX 2015/02/09 4:44 PM GMT Reply Tweet

DAX is very volatile at opening of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as at US markets opening. Most of the traders make their day profits at both opening bells. During German noon time it has tendency to be very calm as obviously everybody is at lunch.

Currently, I have some time during the day and I am planing to return to DAX index. I haven't been trading it for some time due to time difference as well as due to its tendency to be quite volatile and unpredictable which makes it very choppy for the account if not knowing how to trade it. That is why, I want to have a closer look at the index, have better understanding of intraday moves, patterns it forms and behaviour as still I think it is very good index for day trading and it could be very rewarding however challenging at the same time.

I love this live web cam picture from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Börse Frankfurt). Let's see what it can offer.

PGP email encryption 2015/02/08 6:22 PM GMT Reply Tweet

Okay, I decided to write a few words on email encryption. Many people do not pay attention to email security, even which is rather worse is that I've noticed that most of employers or state institutions do not give a heck about email security. I've been communicating with companies or with state institutions who used standard web-based emails. It is not said that the web-based emails are not protected - Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and other services pay great attention as to ensure encryption and since Snowden's revelations first Google and then Yahoo started to offer end-to-end encryption to their users by introducing PGP web browser plugin.

To start with, let's explain what would be end-to-end encryption - basically, first, it ensures that the message travels uninterrupted from the sender to the recipient; second, the originating party encrypts the message and ensures that the receiving party has the key to decrypt the message while if the message is intercepted by third party it wouldn't be readable without the right key.

One of the most popular programme for email encryption is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). It is compatible with Thunderbird and Sea-Monkey email clients. When it comes to email encryption, it is always better to use an email client as web-based email has its weaknesses due to web-browser's vulnerability. I, personally, use Sea-Monkey, it's a web-browser and built in email client. In my opinion Sea-Monkey is one of the most secure web browsers as well as it's very light and good; the other great advantage is its email client.

So here I will go on with some step-by-step instructions as how to start using PGP with Sea-Monkey email client: 1) Install Sea-Monkey from here; 2) Set-up your email; 3) Install PGP Enigmail from here; 4) Generate your private and public key from Engimail button (on top of your email client); 5) Happy secure and encrypted emailing! As you see I am not that good in explanations so in case this guide is not good enough try to google out more on this topic or email me for help.

FOMC meeting announcement 2015/01/29 8:40 AM GMT Reply Tweet

Yesterday, we all followed to FOMC meeting announcement. Generally, the market is very cautious in the hours before the announcement and very volatile in the first minutes right after the announcement. Here comes the question how to trade it? The answer is very simple for the day trader - do not trade it! Stay away in the sidelines and wait first reactions to calm down and the market get sober; unless we are entering a chop fest and in a couple of minutes monthly gains could be erased.

Econoday is a good economic calendar that I use as to have in mind important announcements, reports etc. that might have impact on the market and price action.

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