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hedge project - updates
Trading as a way of life
It's been a while since I decided to restart this blog but that's how I do things - slow and steady. Trading is constant learning, being patient and finding the ultimate strategy. It is a hard work but one day it will pay off and will be very rewarding. What it gives and what is the most valuable is not the money but the freedom it might offer.

I am a day-trader; first of all the style of trading depends on personality and approach to risk as well as on many other factors. I like fast paced environment, taking decisions in the blink of an eye; also I don't like keeping open positions overnight - it is like a nightmare for me. I am a control freak and knowing that there is an open or pending position while I have no control over it is not the best thing for me.

Over the last few years, I noticed that traders' community is growing and there are lots of independent traders who live their dream. What is the most important here is the independence the trading gives. The other big thing is that this is the thing I love and I can spend hours in front of monitor and this is the only job that makes me sad when Fri comes as the market closes. So here we go, I hope to be posting more often and keep this blog alive.

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