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hedge project - updates
CBOE web site offers quite many and good tools for futures traders. Apart from quotes, news and education resources, there are trading simulators which could be used unlimited time with a free registration on the web site. As a novice futures trader, I've been demo-testing some of the futures brokers platforms; however they give only 14-day trial which is not enough and need to register again with a new email, while losing your previous history and so on. That is why, for educational purposes CBOE.com simulation trading tools are quite good. I've been using those resources for a couple of years while learning stock trading, options on stocks and now grain futures trading.

Currently, I am using a tool called Virtual Trade. Although, it is very simplified and it will not show in full depth especially for a day trader every aspect of day trading; it is good for a start understanding futures trading basics and specifications. It has no charting; however I am using other charting websites while placing/closing orders.  On the other hand, it is quite good for following and keeping a track of your trades. 

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