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Why I like slow-paced grain markets Friday 2/09/2018 08:43:00 PM GMT+03:00
All of us so called traders at some early point of our lives and careers have been fascinated by Wall street and all the fuss and adrenaline it's accompanied with. 

As a trader I started with trading the equity markets especially plain stocks; after that I got interested in options on stocks as there was much more leverage and it was rather more enticing earn several percents profit from a single day trade. Later on I got interested in indices futures and especially the S&P 500 and DAX; All of these markets or better to say instruments had big volumes and were quite volatile. At the time it was so fascinating to peep into the screen and watch how the numbers change glittering in green and red and price jumping up or plunging down. I was so proud of myself surviving in that fast and furious environment that I was blind for other markets and trading strategies.

After wiping out an account trading SPX and blowing up another one trading DAX which to be honest was totally unpredictable to day trade (or at least personally for me), it made me turn into grains futures. It was quite eye-opening finding out that ag markets are not that much influenced by algo and hft trading. Diving deep into these markets it showed a whole new world, rather old fashioned, slow-paced and predictable. Indeed, here the word is predictable.

The grain markets are quite predictable. I can trade using only price chart, a simple moving average and volume - no other sophisticated indicators are needed. Drawing support and resistance is simple and intuitive as well as the market offers good break ups and downs to trade or scalp.

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