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Fields of Earth Thursday 7/01/2021 12:55:00 AM GMT+03:00
From my father's side I come from farmers' family, growing wheat and corn. My grandad used to say - "All that land that you see is yours and one day you are going to work on it with the tractor." As a kid, I laughed because I dreamt about other things such as space, stars and other planets, thinking that one day I'd be a cosmonaut. But years have passed and I had never become an astronaut, astrophysicists or rocket scientist. Even I'm not a programmer, although I can write a few lines of code in javascript for instance. I've never become a farmer either or at least for now. But I do have a farm house as a retreat which as of yet I never managed to turn it into a farm business and source of income as I'd like to; however I am glad that I became acquainted with grains futures markets. Now trading wheat, corn and soybeans I feel so connected and fulfilled with my ancestors that do not regret about my path through life so far and when I look up into the sky I am glad that I stand firmly on the ground enjoying the view of space from fields of Earth.

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