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hedge project - updates
<script async="async" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> If corn price above $5.884/bu, might be a good set up for a long trade for the day.
Here we go with an entry long 

With a take profit at $5.976/bu and stop loss at $5.825/bu

Here this long positing is still struggling. Corn futures at this time of the year are silent and less volatile, no big moves either way. Normally, I wouldn't keep overnight, but since this is a mini corn futures, amounts are very small.

Closed this at a small loss at $5.875/bu 

It's not my trading style to sit on a position and wait. As I wrote previously, I open a position during the day at a breakout, set TP and SL. If either one not executed, I close the position. The idea is to have a little bit more than 50% win rate and the risk/reward ratio to be 1:2, so the TP to be twice as much as SL.


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