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a few words on anarchism Wednesday 2/01/2023 12:41:00 AM GMT+03:00

A few words on anarchism

Today I'd like to go deeper into anarchists' ideas especially Kropotkin's Mutual Aid ideas. This is time of roaring and revolutionary times while Kropotkin having him influenced by observing nature in Siberia. 

Reciprocal altruism is in the foundation of anarchist ideas of Kropotkin. Human as well as animals and plants are made to help each other as to survive opposing the idea of competition. People are not naturally selfish but the exact the opposite. The individual actions through history are guided by the strive to support each other when it comes to society and people as a whole while individuals take the wrong decisions in history to fight, compete and divide.

Human advancement has been made by mutual aid and cooperative work.  ‎The world with strong states is a world with an egocentric ideologies while a world with many small decentralized societies is a rather more altruistic and free world. 

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