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hedge project - updates
MYM Morning session Tuesday 3/26/2024 05:09:00 PM GMT+03:00

First trade today. Entered at breakout of high of the day, above point of control and in bullish imbalance territory. Entry:

Buy 1 39785 MYMM4

Closed after first signs of exhaustion for 20 points.

Sell 1 39805 MYMM4

Probably too soon, will see.

Update at 10 pm +3 gmt just after the close of market.

The Dow traded sideways during the whole day and never managed to go higher so it turned I closed my long right. 

New point of control established and price action never managed to escape its gravity and stayed balanced through the whole trading day.

I couldn't resist making one last trade at close for several points on the breakout low of the day. After that price bounced of course.

Very balanced price action -- choppy for others. Below chart.





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