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hedge project - updates
Dow stopped out as for Monday Monday 4/29/2024 06:07:00 PM GMT+03:00

Got stopped out on my short today for a 20-buck loss. Now following the price action from the side lines..

Update at 17:15 GMT+3: Price action indeed ranging today just below the point of control and not seem to be dragged lower. All balanced at the moment.

Looking forward to trading day. Staying away for the moment.

Update 2 (30 mins before the close): Wow, what a roller coaster just before the close -- the whole am session and first half of pm session's been ranging and trading around the point of control, at some point price reach high of the day but never managed to break out. And two hours before the close it got violently pushed lower with a couple of bounces, broke below low of the day but didn't mange to go lower and got dragged back to balanced territory by point of control. 

No other trades initiated today and closing with a small loss which reminds and gives lesson always to put stop losses in place. 

This would be the chart for the close, showing the whole trading day.

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