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hedge project - updates
Connecting My Tradovate Account on NinjaTrader Desktop Saturday 2/24/2024 10:29:00 PM GMT+03:00

So as it appears now since Tradovate is a subsidiary of NinjaTrader, it allows downloding NT desktop application and logging on to it. My first acquaintance with #ninjatrader was some 4 years ago. I found it a quite enticing and good platform to trade but went with Ironbeam and spent a couple of years there. After that I went with Tradovate as a cheap alternative and very easy-to-use and intuitive; then NT bought Tradovate and now I am finding that I can log onto NinjaTrader desktop platform with my Tradovate account login details.

I didn't have live trades yet on NT as found it on Friday after hours. Currently, setting up all my preferences and strategies on NinjaTrader and will go on with first trades on Monday.

It feels good to be back.

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