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Textual beauty, textual network Sunday 2/25/2024 01:11:00 AM GMT+03:00

As a person graduated in applied linguistics, I always have been interest in content and textual side of things. The interesting thing here is that human brain evolved in a way that we understand, describe and think about the world around us in text, using language, words, connected by syntax and rules. The same structures to communicate and nowadays even think are used by computers. The truth is that current most sophisticated AI use language as to understand the world. Even images and videos are described, split into word snippets and described by language. 

The language is beautiful, having content and form. Both are beautiful in their own way. For example the content of a word is its meaning; it might have tens or hundreds of meanings while having one form -- it is the way it is written or the sequence of letters. Letters visually all different and, forming a word that once read, instantly signalling a meaning. 

I grew up in the 80s in the libraries and forming in the 90s in the internet rooms. So my generation learned to receive information from text as well as to express and transmit information by text. I liked and enjoyed to communicate in IRC rooms, later emails and writing emails was the cool thing on the block. But at some point the internet changed or better to say evolved to web 2.0 and text started loosing traction to visual and instant communication. In the very beginning of web 2.0, Twitter was one of the last textual instances that held its positions but sadly no more..

I liked and still do like the physical feeling of writing words using a keyboard. Thus, for me, the ultimate communication machine can be a laptop or a blackberry phone. I never managed to learn to use a touch screen device -- call me an old-fashioned prick. Written words have some kind of mystical power as well as visual satisfying beauty. Take for a great example the Bible which is a written word, written text. You have thousands or fonts and forms of written word that once read brings information, feelings, dreams and understanding. 

So going on this note, I've been thinking and imagining a social network that is built around only written text; having no other destruction or noise such as images, video or sound, but being only text, descriptive, imaginative, inspiring, written..Imagine how cool it could be, instead of sharing a picture of your amazing holiday, meal or cat, to describe it with words, tell a story, rich and imaginative as it could be, make other people read about it and tell and retell to other people from mouth to moth.

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