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hedge project - updates
Micro E-mini DOW 30 trade - am session Tuesday 3/19/2024 05:30:00 PM GMT+03:00

Here's my morning session trade $MYM M4 contracts closed with a profit for $20 bucks. 

Entry on a day high breakout - price above 14 SMA, price above point of control and breaking into low volume profile territory. Seems it's been a good runner which I closed too early. Will see and will post during pm session hours. 


Edit after pm session closed. So the "pit" market closed and the day proved as very trendy and green. As for my trade, I closed it too early although could leave it trail and run. You never know. As for time being my main mistake is not letting runners run and on opposite clinging to losers in hope to reverse.. working on that and future trades will show.



B/S    Qnty    Price    Contract    Timestamp   
Buy     1    39318    MYMM4    03/19/2024 16:25:33   
Sell    1    39362    MYMM4    03/19/2024 16:45:32


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