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hedge project - updates
MYM First hour trading Tuesday 4/09/2024 04:51:00 PM GMT+03:00

This is a fast trade as of cash market open. $MYM_F - market going lower from here, will see if closed too soon.

Sell 1 39238 MYMM4 04/09/2024 16:43:48  

Buy 1 39191 MYMM4 04/09/2024 16:48:16

Update at about 17:55 (9:55 AM CDT Chicago time) --> The trade's been a huge runner and as always I'm out too soon. I'm still apt to take profit instead of leave the runners go. This is a phycological game which is to be learnt. 


Update at market close: 

Indeed I could have held longer for bigger gains till the low of the day.

I left holding until the close for the day, would end up at even. 

Below is the bigger picture of the whole trading day with my entry at first hour after the cash open.


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