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hedge project - updates
Volatile market Wednesday 4/10/2024 04:47:00 PM GMT+03:00

The Dow is quite volatile today at open driven by economic news as Inflation rate higher than forecasted for March. Along with Rate Cuts expectations fading. 

Inflation Rate MoM (Mar)



Shorted on the way down but got stopped out as stop was way to tight for the violent trading day today. 

Went on trading with typical revenge trades trying to catch up with initial loss and ending up with doubling the loss for today.

Whole month of March and beginning of April I had around 14 consecutive winning trades and no losers. So this, I guess, made me too confident and trading in a hurry without meeting strategy rules. 

I might be away from the desk for today, will see. Later will post these two losing trades on my trades section.  

Now MYM (Micro Dow minis) is ranging at around the point of control and is hectic choosing any direction. Might return to desk later during PM session but not willing to enter for a new trade. Will leave it for tomorrow.  

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