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hedge project - updates
Starting trading week Monday 4/15/2024 05:11:00 PM GMT+03:00

This is as for now starting the trading week. Shorting on bearish imbalance. Took profit already and watching in the sidelines for another entry.

Shorted MYM Jun contract at 38530 and took profit at 38496.

Afterwards the price continued plunging and as many times proved me taking profit too early. 

I have to work on that as this is my main mistake.

Profit is a profit but need bigger winners.  

Update at market cash close: Here I go at the close of the market. It's been trending all way down today, dragging the price much lower from my initial exit. If speaking with surfers' metaphor, that's the wave I've been waiting for. You may find me speaking about entering a position and leaving it trail.. for some reason I am closing too soon. 

Here below is the chart showing my earlier entry shorting the Dow at the first half an hour of trading and closing too soon while price continuing going lower and lower.   

Today, I've entered short first on intraday technicals -- prece below moving avarage and point of control and in imbalance territory in 2 minute as well in bigger time frames as 15 and 30 minute charts. Also some economic news being released as unchanged as business inventories and housing market index. 

Below you can clearly see entry and exit and price going lower and lower during the day. I am still in profit but do have to learn keep winners run.


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