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hedge project - updates
My first bitcoins Friday 5/03/2024 02:45:00 PM GMT+03:00

Although‎ I've been fond of crypto idea as anonymous payment method and storage of money, I never had attempted making a crypto wallet and keep funds in crypto. I do like the idea of decentralization and no central institution controlling money supply or exchange betwen two counter parts.

So came this day, a couple of days ago, somebody tried to scam me on Telegram, first offering me $20 bucks of crypto to do some simple task over the Internet. I was aware of this scam scheme at very beginning and I did started playing with those guys. As to ensure me that they were serious, they sent me USDT20 to my Telegram Wallet. That's how I found that I have a wallet on Telegram and learnt how to use it. Afterwards they started asking me to invest ‎USDT80 with an instant return of USDT130. So I had to put my own $60 buscks to add up to their $20 and earn $130. At this point I cut off all communication with scammers and kept my $20 bucks. 

Now converted it in Bitcoin. A new Era has begun for me.

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