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hedge project - updates
Starting May Tuesday 5/07/2024 05:07:00 PM GMT+03:00

Here we go with my first trades after a week-long vacation. 

Entering on Dow breakout higher at open. Currently, the trade is not in my favour. Let's see.

The market was too choppy and now continuation showed. So I closed and run away.

Fro there it continued, traded around point of control, choppy without establishing any clear trend for the day. No wave to ride. 

During the second part of the day, so called PM session, got dragged a little lower, broke low of the day but bounced again back to point of control. No clear entry for today. 

It's always been hard trading choppy days as today and feels okay leaving with a small profit or better to say at even. 

Here we go with the chart for the closing the day and trades shown below. That would be all for today. Looking forward to tomorrow's opening cash market of Dow. 

B/S    Qnty    Price    Contract Timestamp   
Buy    1    39089    MYMM4    05/07/2024 16:52:43     
Sell   1    39099    MYMM4    05/07/2024 17:55:41

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